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Information Guide

Sizing and Installation

How big is the LITTLE WING?

  • Spacer internal diameter 28.8mm
  • Spacer is 10mm high
  • 10 mm thick
  • 65 mm wide at widest point
  • Min – 515mm
  • Max – 700mm
  • Min distance between top elbow tubes: 124mm
  • Min distance between telescoping footbar tubes: 127mm
  • Minimum length : 203mm
  • Maximum length : 293mm
  • Note : measured from top mounting/pivot point of elbow to top surface of footbar.

Sizing and Installation

Is my bike/ebike LITTLE WING compatible?

To establish if your bike is LITTLE WING compatible, be sure to make the necessary measurements of your bike and correlate those with the measurements of the LITTLE WING. You can find the measurements above. Please note that the LITTLE WING is ONLY compatible with medium frame sizes and up. 

Points to check on your bike are:

  • Check steerer tube diameter
  • Check steerer tube spacers and clearance
    • Ensure that there is at least 20mm of space on your steerer tube
  • Check seat post clearance
    • Ensure that there is at least 15mm of clearance on your seat post.
    • LITTLE WING is compatible with both standard and dropper seat posts.
  • Check top tube length.
If you do not know what your bikes dimensions are, be sure to contact your local bike shop or, head over to your brand of bikes website for all if the technical details. Still stuck? Send us an email on info@ridelittlewing.com!


Please make sure you read the disclaimer and safety instructions before you use the LITTLE WING.

We can’t wait to get you and your “Little Wing’s” out on the trails!