• Little Wing

    Little Wing


    The LITTLE WING is an on-bike platform for children that will have them whooping and laughing with glee!

    “There are few things as rewarding as hearing the words “faster Daddy faster” and “woohooo this is so much fun” whilst flowing down a trail with my little girl. To share in the experience of adventure, the great outdoors and to expose her to all of the wonderful lessons that Mother Nature brings are the foundations I hope to lay for her. The LITTLE WING has been a great tool in helping me get her out there in a safe, fun and exciting way.”

    Founder – Doug Bird

    Before purchasing your LITTLE WING, be sure to check out our sizing and installation guide to ensure that your bike is compatible.

  • Little Wing Chest Protector

    Kid’s Chest Protector


    Supra Flex Chest Protector

    “Safety first people!”

    • Doug Bird – LITTLE WING Founder


Please make sure you read the disclaimer and safety instructions before you use the LITTLE WING.

We can’t wait to get you and your “Little Wing’s” out on the trails!